I Ruined Your Life OST "Станционный смотритель" Alice Stuart

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Исполнитель: Alice Stuart

Название песни: I Ruined Your Life (OST "Станционный смотритель" / "The Station Agent")

Продолжительность mp3: 04:47

Дата добавления: 2015-07-11

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Текст песни:

You have got the hammer, I'm carryin' the nails
We're tearin' down this building we've been working on for years
I know I hurt you, I didn't try
You forget the nights I lay awake and cried
Now you're tellin' everybody I ruined your life.

You say you're brokenhearted and you can't sleep at night
You think that I'm the problem; you want me to make it right
Want to talk it over; want me to see it through your eyes
You can't be my friend if I don't apologize
You want me to realize I ruined your life.

Well, it ain't nobody's business, just our own
Our love is dead, can't you let it go
Ain't nobody else's fault that we can't get along
Can't even talk about the weather without gettin' it wrong

Now you want to hurt me; want to make me pay
Gotta' make sure I'm hearin' everything you say
Our love turned into poison and we couldn't compromise
Don't know why you want me when all we do is fight
You're telling all our friends I ruined your life
I didn't ruin your life


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