Favourite Food Высказывания о любимой еде

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Автор: Высказывания о любимой еде

Название книги: Favourite Food

Продолжительность: 02:43

Дата добавления: 2016-04-10

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What is your favourite food?

Adrienne, The United Sates

What is my favorite food (любимая пища) ? I don't have a favorite food. I don't have a food that I would eat every day for the rest of my life if I could only choose (выбирать) one thing. That doesn't exist (существовать) for me. I do like spicy food (острая пища) though, so anything spicy is good for me and the best foods are Mexican (мексиканская), Indian (индийская), Vietnamese (вьетнамская), Thai (тайская). These are all some of my favorites because they are particularly (особенно) spicy foods.

Phil, England

What's my favorite food? My favorite food is Okonomoyaki. Okonomoyaki is a Japanese (японская) food. It's similar (похожий) I guess to an English pancake (блины) but it involves (включает в себя) different kinds of cabbage (капуста) and meat and an egg. And their mixed (смешивать) together and then in the restaurant you would cook it in front of yourself and it's very delicious (вкусно) and usually you have barbecue sauce (соус) and mayonnaise on top. I also like paella, which is Spanish (испанская) food. It has yellow rice and lots of different types of seafood (морепродукты) and sometimes it can be spicy.

Barbara, Australia

What's my favorite food? Well, these days I really love fruit, especially grapes (виноград) and I also like avocados. I don't really go for (предпочитать, любить) green apples though. They usually taste too sour (кислый). In the past I liked Italian food but these days I'm trying to be more healthy so I cut that out (переставать ч-л делать).

Lisa, Canada

What is my favorite food? My favorite food, or my favorite foods are bagel locks (бублик, рогалик) and cream cheese (сливочный сыр), which is bagels smoked salmon (копченый лосось) and cream cheese. Montreal bagels (рогалики из Монреаля) preferably (предпочтительно) fresh out of the oven (в свежем виде из печи). Two, Greek souvlaki (греческие сувлаки) from Arahovas in Montreal, really heavy on the garlic (чеснок) and with tzatziki (цацики), nice succulent (сочный, мясистый) chicken. Three, a great grilled steak (стейк на гриле).

Simone, Sweden

What's my favorite food? I don't really have any favorite food. I like guoza (гёза). It's the Japanese dumpling (клецки). I can never stop eating that. I guess that's my favorite food.

Skip, The United Sates

OK, what is my favorite food? I suppose I would have to say curry (карри), but I don't have one curry especially that's a favorite. Thai curry is very great. I love all Thai food. I like Mexican food too. I guess spicy food in general. I guess if I had to say one it would be curry. That's it. Thai curry especially.


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