Requiem Silentium

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Автор: Silentium

Название книги: Requiem

Продолжительность: 06:27

Дата добавления: 2015-07-30

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Текст предисловия:


As We Fell from Grace
Into Infinty
Taunted Was the Night
Dreary Was the Hour

And Here We Lay
Like Broken Arrows
Our Names Forgotten
And the Altarns Torn

Sunk Us Deep into the Soil
Shrive Yourselves Abhornig Us
Sunk Us Deeper into the Earth
Sunk Us Deeper
Seal Us from the Sight of Man

No Son of Man
Would Stand in Here
Solemn Before Thou
Haughtly Before Death

And Here We Lay
With Gold Adorned
Your Beauty Forgotten
As Our Tears Fall


Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford - Revelation: Factum Est Silentium


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