Война и мир Мертвец в Голливуде

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Автор: Мертвец в Голливуде

Название книги: Война и мир

Продолжительность: 04:23

Дата добавления: 2016-03-20

Текст просмотрен: 365


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Текст предисловия:

From the front to the back we attack,
That's when the sky turns black.
Divided by all our own means,
Divided by lines you can't see.
We've raised our fists,
You know we exist,
You're scared of us
Because we influence your kids.
And you paved the way
That we walk,
And you dug your grave,
It won't stop.

You know we got the plan,
Holder pointing at your head,
Laying on your back
But you're better off dead.
Got the army with me,
With the dove and grenade,
Got the pin pulled out,
It's a fucking air raid!
We ride like tanks
And we bite like snakes,
Search and destroy,
We do what ever it takes.
I'm undead
When the shells hit the floor,
Yeah undead, let's start a war!

I'm the man and I'm the man
And everybody out there knows
That I'm the baddest,
I'm the baddest of them all
Beneath this mask,
Cause I'm the man and I'm the man
And everybody out there knows
That I'm the baddest,
I'm the baddest of them all
And you're just mad and it's so sad...

The next time you breathe
You better think of me,
And your prayers thank god
For the mercy of me.
An eye for an eye
But I don't need to see,
Who needs eyes, mother fucker,
I can feel you bleed.
I got a plaque in the attic
And the bitch is gold,
Not another word till I'm platinum,
No, our critics talk shit
'Watcha bitch get rolled',
I only say bitch
When I see a bitch, so.

It's too late,
There's no wait, it's Doomsday,
This crusade's been erased
By two-face, so touche!
You've gone past your due date,
Do you crave?
Scene giving you a grenade to pay.

Down on your knees crying for help,
And you're just gonna be
Another notch on the belt.
I'm Undead,
And you can only blame yourself
Yeah Undead
And I'ma make it rain in hell!


All Hail, All Hail!
All Hail Undead!

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