Принцесса Крыжовник Флатимузыка

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Автор: Флатимузыка

Название книги: Принцесса Крыжовник

Продолжительность: 04:39

Дата добавления: 2016-09-07

Текст просмотрен: 248


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Текст предисловия:

Fail Emotions - Reborn

In a place for everything I find this all disgusting
Can you shut your mouth, just back off and sit down

Dead is dead and no reborn but I just can't ignore wars
Even the optimistic one don't sure where do we come

I can't find my own place in there eyes of war face
where our every own sin is a reason of our mercy

we so hard made the graves for all our fallen dreams
Why I can't ignore that we just never

We're never reborn but I'll find a way
We never regret
It's from these days
We never forget
We're falling in flames and wait for a rain

We're never reborn
Words loosing weight
It makes us look bad but we trying to pray
We never be close to heaven and hell
We just go away

Light of shooting star is calling us
They want to show our true love
We stay here and can't fly away
But we don't give up and will try again

When you're alone. You don't know what love is
You can't stop the distant star
Our spaceship called Earth

We know, we know it
We see him breathing
Touch to my heart, give me your warmth
Please, I want to feel it


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