Oh, Come And Drink Евгений Пантелеев Jene Caster

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Автор: Евгений Пантелеев (Jene Caster)

Название книги: Oh, Come And Drink

Продолжительность: 05:11

Дата добавления: 2015-01-21

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Oh, Come and Drink
Music and lyrics by Jene Caster (1995)

Oh, Come and Drink
You who are thirsty
All come and taste
The Word of the Lord
Whoever you are
Wherever you come from
All come and learn
He is the Lord

Open the gates
The doors will be open
All the nations rise up
In the name of the Lord
Be lifted up
You ancient doors
That the glorious King
That the King
Might come in

Who is this King?
This King of glory?
Bow on your knees
That He might come close
Who is this King?
The Lord strong and mighty
The Lord mighty in battle
Jesus is His name


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