"No, No" Детское Евровидение 2011 - Молдавия - Лерика

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Автор: Детское Евровидение 2011 - Молдавия - Лерика

Название книги: "No, No"

Продолжительность: 02:45

Дата добавления: 2016-05-16

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"Нет, нет"

Moldova (TRM)

Performer: Lerika
Song title: No, No
Song writer(s): Eugen Doibani
Song composer(s): Eugen Doibani

Lerika – No,no

On this Saturday
Shall be all my care
Powder locks
And curl my hair
Listen everyone
I’ll be number one
When I’ll get these all things done
One day , one time … maybe I’ll see
Who do I have to be…

When we’re dancing with the guys
They are shooting with their eyes
It’s a funny , it’a nice time spendin’ together
An everlasting game
He is tryin’ to get my name
But the answer is the same
It’s not a surprise
No, no

Am ieșit din bloc
Nu pot sta pe loc
Sunt de parcă
Într-un joc
Astăzi vin tîrziu
Și părinții știu
Griji nu-mi fac
Petrec pe plac

Merci, asta vreau să ți-o spun
Seară de-un zece bun!

But I can’t stand my appetite
When I keep waitin’ for this night
I have a mess inside my mind
And this all makes me so much blind
Maybe I’ll meet that little prince
And I’ll find what it really means
When you know you will get the first kiss of love
Lookin’ to the sky above


Детское евровидение 2011 Молдова


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