Тема Мело и Мэтта Death Note

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Автор: Death Note

Название книги: Тема Мело и Мэтта

Продолжительность: 04:02

Дата добавления: 2016-04-21

Текст просмотрен: 226


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Текст предисловия:

Gamers starin' at the t.v set.
Play that (Lemmie see that NES)
Gamers starin' at the t.v set.
Play that (Lemmie see that Genises)
Ah come play with me, come play with me, come play with me
Some psp, some 360, some ps3
Work them sticks gamer
Touch all the buttons on the controller
Grab on those joysticks and give them a good twirl
I wanna see you playin on the living room floor
This here aint luck whatcha think I play so much for
An I'm just getting warmed up
It takes half a day before I get a sore butt
Clicky clicky clicky now I'm the next world
Work them sticks gamer
I wanna see that controller shake
Shout to my mamma's crib we can play untill day break
We can play untill your thumbs ache
Think about that but right now I'm gonna master
The game Grand Theft Auto.
You think I'm going fast now just wait untill I hit turbo.
I play in their world.
Work them sticks gamer


Pardon all the trash talk I'm sorry bout your loss
I just scored a touch down using Randy Moss
Get that internet connection and plug it on in
I'm feeling real cocky I'll take on your friends
We can gather round my new 360
There aint nothing to a gamer
I play on the x-box live on live I'm allways in the cyber world.
Work them sticks gamer
Ima make em look dumb
Old granny hardcore you don't want none.
Imma be here all night just starin at the screen
Workin okn my game till I'm the best on my team
Move it to the left move your finger to the right
Move it all around till your finger tips are red
I'm not kidding you I like x-box more than my girl
Work them sticks gamer


When the games over you know I'm talking trash
If you wanna lose again you can have a rematch
Geeky young girls like to watch me play in
Maybe in a month I'll be able turn them in
I'm doin hard work when you see me on this couch
No I don't work out how ya think I got this pouch
And I'm not gonna budge I never play to much
Work them sticks gamer
Go on and put in halo
You see that x&y imma show you what they made for
Ure against beginners your unbeat
But lets see how you play when you play against the junkie
Cause your nothing but a rookie
I hope your butts to reccive a whopping
Imma show you some new tricks I just learned.
Work them sticks gamer


Work them sticks gamer


Тетрадь смерти - Опенинг 1 на гитаре // Death note - Opening 1 (cover)


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